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January 29, 2007
Cult of Rapture Screenshot Scenario Contest
The 2K Cult of Rapture Site will soon be holding a screenshot contest where you can win BioShock goodies! Here's the skinny from Elizabeth over at 2K

Over the next couple months, weíre going to be running a Screenshot Scenario Contest for you guys to see some exclusive new images and footage from BioShock, as well as learning some of the unique gameplay techniques that are integral to surviving within the city of Rapture.

When the contest gets rolling, Iíll give you an all-new screenshot scenario and list the tools you have at your disposal for solving it. To play, youíll write up your answer and email it to me in a text file. Two weeks after the contest starts, Iíll post the best solution to the problem, as well as a gameplay video of how to solve our scenario. (And remember, there are many ways to play BioShock, and probably never only one way to solve any scenario.)

The winner of each scenario will receive a Cult of Rapture BioShock tee. Official contest rules will be up shortly.

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