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January 22, 2007
'What is BioShock?' PodCast

2K Game's Cult of Rapture site has delivered us another goody in the form of an audio interview with Melissa Miller, a 2K producer working on BioShock.


Today I interview Melissa Miller, a 2K producer working on BioShock. She's spent several weeks up in Boston, logging hundreds of hours playing BioShock in its various stages of development, and could be called the resident guru of the game. At times, I think she'd be more comfortable if her hands were glowing blue from plasmids, rather than their normal, pinkish hue.

She gives us a close up and personal view on what it BioShock to her, and some of the awesome ways you can utilize the different weapons and environments in the world of Rapture.

The podcast weighs in at 11.1MB and can either be streamed straight from the site or downloaded for your offline enjoyment!

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