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September 28, 2006
BioShock Trailer at X06

Irrational have showed off an absolutely fantastic trailer for BioShock at X06, and you can download right here, at Xboxyde and it is fantastic.

Ken Levine has once again popped up in our BioShock forum to give us a little info about the trailer, and probably answer questions too!

The trailer is pre-rendered, just so nobody has any Killzone-style deja vus...
We wanted to get footage and sshots of the actual game first (the e3 video you saw last week) so everybody knew exactly how the game looked before we showed more conceptual stuff like the trailer. I know it's ass backwards, but I think it's important you let people see what they're actually getting first so they know what game you're making.
Posted by David 9/28/2006 @ 2:28:34 AM EST. Link to this