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September 7, 2006
GameSpy Interview Ken Levine

GameSpy have a brand new interview with Irrational's Ken Levine answering some of the questions they've been waiting to ask since they saw the game at E3.

GameSpy: What is the hardest part of developing BioShock?

Ken Levine: We feel as though the first-person shooter genre has not really evolved since Half-Life. If you look at Gran Turismo for example, you can't really go back to playing Ridge Racer after playing Gran Turismo because know you expect that you can tune your car and modify your car. And when you play Grand Theft Auto, you can't really go back and play Stuntman; and when you played Half-Life, you couldn't go back to DOOM. I think, you know, when DOOM 3 came out, we kinda saw that and how it was to go back.

So we were saying, "How are we going to move the genre forward?" because as a gamer, I'm getting tired of the same clichés. One of the biggest challenges is figuring out what we wanted to do with the genre, and how we could change, but how we could do it without confusing people about what we were doing. That was really challenging. It's very easy for people to identify a game and genre if it has fewer features than what they might expect. People look at BioShock and say, "What is it?"

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