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May 25, 2006
IGN Preview BioShock

IGN have a new preview of BioShock up. There aren't any new screens, but there are a few little tidbits of info.

"There are genuinely very few scary games," [Joe] McDonough told us while opening the presentation. "If we can get one person to play this game with the lights off so they can get into the atmosphere, we've succeeded at what we've been trying to do while developing BioShock." So what exactly is Irrational going for with BioShock? It's all about atmosphere, baby. Set in a completely underwater world, BioShock's feeling of isolation is enough to conjure up a few panic attacks. Throw in a few mutant little girls, some tough guys in old-timey diver suits, and a few insane ceiling-crawling ladies and you have an experience that may truly make you poop your pants while playing. As McDonough explained, "We watched a lot of The Shining and we learned that crazy people are freaking scary."
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