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August 23, 2006
GameSpot BioShock Interview!

Gamespot have a new interview with Ken Levine up that has some of the most bloom-saturated screenshots I have ever seen. They are listed under "Xbox 360", so there's hope!


This last one is captioned by our Official Captioner, GBM as "I TOLD YOU THESE ARE MY ENVELOPES! WHAM"

GameSpot: Give us a brief update on the game's development.

Ken Levine: Right now, our focus is on the levels--getting them fleshed out so we have a fully playable game from start to finish. Then, we can move on to balancing and tuning stuff, which we'll be spending a huge amount of time on, as you can imagine.

We're also really working on the artificial intelligence to get it to "think," because one of the coolest, and most challenging, things about this game is all the interactions that AI [characters] can have, because of all the relationships they have with each other. The more complex you make your AI, and the more things you enable it to do, the more you have to make sure it does those things well. And because it's so emergent, things happen all the time that make us say, "Whoa!" It's sometimes what we want, and sometimes we end up in the Land of Weird Bugs. So, we're putting in a huge amount of work into our AI...much more than on any other game we've ever done. But it's definitely going to be worth it.

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