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August 1, 2006
I Interview Irrational

When I say 'I interviewed' I mean I emailed him a bunch of questions other people much more talented that I thought up. On the plus side he did ring me up to introduce himself, which was pretty odd as I'd have thought that, if anything, it would have been the other way around.

TTLG Interview Ken Levine - July 2006
Earlier in the year one of Irrational's PR guys contacted me wondering if we'd like to send a few interview questions to Irrational.After emailing back HELL YES the TTLG staff started coming up with some questions. We also solicited questions from our forum readers too.We whittled the submissions down to 13 questions, getting rid of anything that vaguely resembled "ru putting monkies in bioshock lol" as, let's face it, they're a) probably not terribly interesting and b) Irrational won't be giving any specific details about BioShock out for quite a while.The thirteen questions were further slimmed down to six as Irrational are 'super busy'.
I'd like to thank Ken and Joe of Irrational and Tom of Evolve, they've been great!
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