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May 19, 2006
Best of E3 awards and new previews!

There are a whole bunch of new previews and 'Best of E3' articles today, and here they are!

  • CVGames has awarded Bioshock 'Overall Game of E3 2006' and 'Game of E3 - Xbox360'
  • IGN Insider have popped also popped Bioshock in the 'Best of E3' category.
  • Gamepro have listed Bioshock has the #2 game at this year's E3. It's quoted as being 'Easily Game of the Show.
  • Total Video Games have a 3 page preview from E3.
  • Gamespy have awarded Bioshock 'Best PC Game of E3'!

Here's a quote from the CVGames' website:

Bioshock was by far the most visually stunning game that was anywhere at the show. Shown behind closed doors at the 2K booth, developer Irrational Games has put together an amazing thinking manís RPG that is both creepy, scary, and completely invigorating. To say that it is beautiful is nothing short of an egregious understatement, and the story line of the game will trap you from the first second you step into this underwater utopia where mankind has devolved into a DNA digesting maniacal society. Be ready to decide how far you are willing to go to survive.

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