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May 17, 2006
Gamers With Jobs E3 Preview
Despite E3 having finished we're still getting a few E3 previews here and there. Today is no different with a preview from Gamers With Jobs. You'll have to scroll towards the bottom of the page as there's no way to link directly to the correct section.

The atmosphere and art direction of the game is singularly creepy. The 1940s-50s retro look is used to full effect, along with weapons and enemies cobbled together with whatever was lying around. Since the biosphere was supposed to be utopian, there were no weapons brought on board, so most of the weapons and enemies are cobbled together from non-combat items, giving the game a unique feel. For instance, a turret in the game we met was a camera, motor and machine gun all tied to a rotating office chair. The detail on it is amazing, and every detail of these cobbled together items can be made out clearly.
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