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May 11, 2006
Another Gamespot Preview - This time they've actually seen it.

After yesterday's rather laughable pre-E3 preview, Gamespot have actually seen the game in action at E3, and damn, does it sound gooooood!

Speaking of those splicers, they were the only overtly aggressive enemies we saw in the demo, and they look like lithe human females who just aren't quite right. But we couldn't quite put our finger on why. Maybe it was the fact that the first one we saw immediately jumped up and started crawling across the ceiling when she tried to attack, or the horrible shrieks they all made while they were after the player. Levine pointed out that the enemies in the game, which are all products of Adam, have access to the same set of weaponry you do, which means that potentially no two enemies you face will ever have exactly the same armament.
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