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February 11, 2006
Bioshock Details from Game Informer
Unfortunately living in the UK means it is hard to get hold of a current issue of Game Informer with BioShock in it.

However we have found these details from a posting on GA Forums

  • Core gameplay centered on player choice and customization
  • Game takes place in the early 60s
  • Dev's main goal is total immersion in the story
  • you wake up in the ocean surrounded by debris and your first goal is survival
  • something about creatures in the ocean discovered by scientists
  • "We're creating a world for to be in. What you do is up to you, and you have to live with your choices."
  • One of your skills is agility and it makes you run faster
  • most upgrades will affect weapons
  • you can create weapons and items
  • you can hack stuff by being an engineer
  • A walkthrough is useless - you take the game where you want it to go (Sounds really open ended)
  • BioShock holds many mysteries
  • Xbox 360 and PC - O N L Y

It sounds excellent! I can't wait to see some screenshots!

Posted by David 2/11/2006 @ 15:26:36 EST. Link to this