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August 28, 2007
Levine on the Aftermath of BioShock's Launch

Well I've been on holiday since the last news item and I've not even managed to play BioShock yet, but that will all change once I install my shiny new graphics card tomorrow. Now... on with the news!

GameSpot have an interview with Ken Levine on the aftermath of the BioShock launch

Ordinarily when a game ships, it's time for the developers to take a vacation. But the days after BioShock's launch saw 2K Boston president Ken Levine pulling double-duty putting out fires of criticism surrounding his underwater adventure. Levine postponed his vacation plans a little bit longer today to speak with GameSpot about BioShock's birthing pains, and how he dealt with concerns about getting an "M for Mature" rating from the Entertainment Software Rating Board.

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