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August 9, 2007
BioShock Goes Gold!

BioShock has finally gone gold!

BioShock has already gone gold. How have you celebrated this milestone in the past, and how did you celebrate this milestone for BioShock?

We just had a team party in Boston, and then we have a event on the launch night on August 20th, which weíre inviting lots of people to, including members of the BioShock fan community. I'm actually looking forward to that, because launches are usually such abstract things. You wake up launch morning and itís like, "Hey, our game has, umm, shipped to retail!" Itís not exactly like headlining at Madison Square Garden.

I was invited to the event on the 20th in Boston, however I'm in San Francisco then, which is a shame. I hope everyone that is going has a good time!

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