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June 6, 2007
Interview With Lead PC Developer

Joerg Spielt has an interview with Ed Orman, the lead developer on the PC version of BioShock!
The interview contains some nice reassuring things for the PC users who were worried about the game being 'consolised' - I've quoted one snippet here...

are very substantial gameplay differences between the two versions. Look, our heritage is PC. We’ve taken the differences between the two platforms very seriously. We look at history, we look at other PC/console games like Deus Ex 2. We realized that you need to treat them differently. Not only in terms of the balance, but also in the interface.

We have a very different interface for the PC version of Bioshock, using much more drag and drop functionality. In terms of the gameplay, we’ve rebalanced all of the enemies to make the PC version harder. We’ve taken Softlock out of the PC version. You need this “locking on” with a console, because it’s so much harder to aim at something with a game pad, but you don’t need it on a PC. But of course, the Xbox 360 version still is the lead version of Bioshock.

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